Divorce Modification: How it Works

By James Parker
December 1, 2021

At the time that a divorce is settled, emotions may be running high. Additionally, after a divorce settlement, the circumstances of one or both spouses may abruptly shift. To effectively handle these changes, spouses may need to undergo divorce modification.

There are many reasons that a divorce modification may be necessary. This can include a renegotiation of alimony payments, conditions of child custody, or a renegotiation of assets and debts. 

These modification requests can be petitioned before a court, where the judge can rule whether a divorce modification is justified. Some of the changes which may allow a spouse to make a post-decree motion include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Change in mental health
  • Change in the home of the children that threaten their wellbeing

These post-decree motions may be the subject of discovery requests, interrogatory requests, or counter motions. However, should the post-decree motion be accepted, the spouses may see a significantly more equitable change to their divorce arrangement. 

Some post-decree motions can also request temporary suspension of divorce agreements like alimony or child custody contingent on some external condition being unable to be met. This may include being unable to pay a high alimony amount or an inability to provide a safe place for the children to visit.

If you are seeking to modify the arrangement of your divorce, you will need the support of a divorce & family law attorney. A divorce & family law attorney can help you to negotiate for more equitable terms in your proceedings and help you receive more or pay less alimony, gain more time with children, or terminate a provision that is no longer constructive in the divorce agreement. 

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